A service that allows downloading videos and photos from Instagram for a PC and for Android.

It works on any device:

Tablet, PC, Android smartphone. To download photos and videos, insert a link to the file in the form and click on the download button.

If you don’t know how to download photos or videos from Instagram for Android, use the “Instaloader” application. The application allows you to download both a single file and several at once.

How to download?

1. To use, you need to download the “Instaloader” application from the Google Play, then open your Instagram application. On Instagram, select a profile photo or video, history, photo albums and copy the link to this material, then open the “Intaloader” application, and downloading will start automatically.

2. You can also download using this method. Go to your Instagram application, then select the file you want to download, click on "Share" in the menu of this photo or video, and then share by clicking on the icon of the “Instaloader” application.




3. If the Instagram profile is private, then the application "Instaloder" has a browser function, you can enter your Instagram account through the application "Instaloder" and download private files.

Share and browse through Instaloader

Photos and video files are downloaded immediately to the gallery of your phone’s phone, and you can also find it in the Instaloder application in the “Download” tab and there you can select several videos or photos and share with friends, send to different services, for example, “Whatsapp or Facebook”, anywhere. All these functions are available in free mode, with an extra charge you will no longer see ads.


Video instruction for the Аpp